Explorer 21 and 30 hulls
compared to racing single (in blue).
The newest addition to our product line are the shells, oars, and accessories from WinTech Racing. Before adding any products to our offerings, I thoroughly investigate the company and the products. I have competed in WinTech shells and rowed them recreationally, and I am pleased to report that these shells are a delight to row. They are stiff, light, fast, with excellent cosmetic finish. Couple those attributes with a seven year warranty and you have a very nice package at a competitive price.

Explorer is a new class of recreational shells that incorporates the technology of WinTech's racing shells and the performance lineage of WinTech's entire racing fleet.

Designed by Klaus Filter as a teaching boat that's fun to row, it's also perfect for the recreational rower who wants optimal exercise while exploring the natural surroundings on the water.

The Explorer is stable, comfortable, strong and sleek. You'll also find the Explorer lighter, quicker, and stiffer than traditional recreational boats as it tracks well, maneuvers easily, and delivers speed typically seen in true racing shells. The reinforced bow and stern are also covered to shed water and the covered decks provide positive buoyancy even if swamped.

All levels of rowers will enjoy rowing the Explorer in all kinds of conditions. Perfect for family or club use.

August 2, 2006

Explorer 24 is the latest addition to WinTech Racing's fast-growing recreational line. The new design from the legendary Klaus Filter is longer and slightly narrower than the Explorer 21 and is designed for speed. It's perfect for the rower who needs a bit of stability but wants the performance of a racing single. Higher bow and stern decks and the revolutionary WinTech self-bailing cockpit allow this boat to handle the rougher conditions of open water rowing. The removable hydro-dynamic fin design shaped for less resistance, yet superior tracking; the quick release cam lock rigger system with 3 positions and a 3-height adjustable seat make this boat a silver dream to row.

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